St. Louis Mold Removal

Did you mold with bleach is rarely effective and can be hazardous? Pride Cleaning and Restoration, Inc. specializes in mold removal and cleanup. Call us today, 314.664.8844 or... Read More »

Grey Water or Black water overflow, Call Pride Restoration & Cleaning

The moment you experience either a grey water or black water overflow, call us immediately! Black Water (Category 3) refers to exceptionally unsanitary contamination. It is this category that we... Read More »

How to prepare your home for a Storm.

How To Prepare Your Home for a Storm   You can’t stop severe weather, but you can prepare for it. Here are some valuable suggestions for preventing damage caused by high winds: Appliances... Read More »

Flooding in St. Louis, MO

Water damage in Saint Louis, MO occurs often and causes considerable deterioration. Have you taken into consideration what extent of damage the water from a a water surge may cause? Absolutely,... Read More »

Best Restoration Company in St. Louis, MO

  Dear Friend, PRIDE CLEANING AND RESTORATION of Saint Louis MO specializes in Flood Restoration Services including Carpet Drying and... Read More »