Quick response is vital in the event of an emergency.

  •  43% of businesses fail within 1 year of a major disaster
  •  29% that don't fail initially, will fail within 2 years after disaster

Unanswered questions about what to do before, during and after a disaster – including who to contact at each stage – leaves an organization open to making uninformed, panicked decisions that may cause more damage and problems than the disaster itself.


The first step, in getting your organization back up and running again, is knowing who to call and how to get in touch with them quickly.  


Instead of wasting valuable time searching for a qualified restoration company in those first few critical hours, property owners can save time, money and headaches by getting to know us at PRIDE Cleaning and Restoration, Inc., before the situation is tense and critical.  


PRIDE Cleaning and Restoration, Inc., has a developed system to assist organizations in developing a comprehensive disaster plan. This emergency preparedness plan addresses the potential issues and concerns that would arise in case of an emergency, and offers guidance as to how best to prepare for each scenario.

PRIDE offers our Disaster Recovery Program to large and small businesses, schools, institutions, and property owners for the quickest and most advanced disaster response service in the Bi-State Metro Area. The goal is to speed up critical response time, minimize loss of revenue and disruption time and reduce property damage after an unexpected loss.  

There are two levels of service available with the PRIDE Disaster Recovery Program.  

  • Level 1 is a basic service designed for small to medium sized organizations and residential properties.  
  • Level 2 is our Premier Service which is designed for larger properties or owners that want more assured protection and have more detailed emergency recovery needs.   

How our Disaster Recovery Program Works:     

* Step 1            Call and ask to be registered in the program. For our premier service, a PRIDE property specialist schedules a visit to your facility. For our basic service, simply complete a PRIDE Emergency Response Agreement form and send it to us.

* Step 2            For our premier service, PRIDE Cleaning and Restoration, Inc., develops a disaster recovery plan for your property and digital photographs are taken. A database on your property is maintained at our office and a copy is sent to your property. All information, property photographs, policy numbers, contacts and emergency contact numbers remain confidential and are kept in secured files at PRIDE Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.

* Step 3            In the event of an emergency, your call prompts PRIDE to dispatch an assessment manager to the damaged site immediately. A pre-signed work authorization allows us to respond quickly and mitigate further property damage.     

* Step 4            Using your site-specific emergency response plan, PRIDE determines what needs to be done to get the emergency portion completed, your property secured, and the recovery underway.   The information maintained on your property is used by the emergency crew dispatched to the scene.   

          When disaster strikes, registered customers benefit from preferential service, which is defined in advance with fixed priorities, emergency measures, responsibilities, and staff training. You can be certain that all necessary steps are taken immediately, with no delay.

          As PRIDE knows the situation and knows what to do, you do not waste valuable time coordinating the immediate response measures but can focus all energy on restarting the operations and keeping the organization going.

          Experienced crews will board up the property, construct perimeter fences and temporary roof protection systems, perform water extraction, provide emergency power, or perform other temporary emergency actions. These measures are just the beginning of the recovery process for the property owner. It buys you time while important decisions about how the restoration and rebuilding phase will be handled. 

We can’t prevent disasters, but when disaster strikes we like to help you make things better!




















  • When disaster strikes you need resources quickly to get you back in business - PRIDE Cleaning and Restoration will be there to assist.
  • Generally within an hour one of our dedicated service professionals will be on site to access your needs.
  • The goal is to establish an appropriate protocol and to engage manpower, materials, and equipment to minimize the damage and business interruption.
  • PRIDE Cleaning and Restoration aims to provide the quickest, fairest priced service to get you back to a pre-loss condition.
  • Our experience in working with the insurance industry is extensive; And our team will provide the best service and personnel assistance throughout the recovery process.
  • Our employees are dedicated to meeting or exceeding your recovery needs.
  • We are committed to putting disaster behind you regardless of the size of your loss.